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The Peloponnesian Federation of South Australia (PFSA) is a non-profit umbrella organisation.  It was founded in 1992 by Peloponnesian Greek Australians to bring together seven well-known organisations that jointly represent more than 30,000 Greek South Australians of Peloponnesian background.

Aims of the Federation
The PFSA is dedicated to:

  • maintaining the strong links amongst the Peloponnesian community of SA, encouraging co-operation and pooling of resources;
  • promoting and celebrating the Peloponnesian influence as an inseparable part of Greek Australian culture;
  • fostering cultural exchanges between The Peloponnese in Greece and South Australia

What is The Peloponnese?

The Peloponnese is the southern region of mainland Greece.  It is shaped like a plane leaf and extends southwards from the Isthmus of Corinth (see figure above).  It is made up of the seven historically distinct yet culturally alike regions of Corinthia, Achaia, Ilia, Messinia, Laconia, Arcadia and Argolida.

This region dominated by rugged mountains and inhabited by spirited people is steeped in history.  It is famous world wide as:

  • cradle of the ancient Mycenaean and Spartan Societies
  • birthplace of the Olympic games
  • Centrepoint of Hellenic liberation

Whom does the federation represent?
The federation is made up of seven member-societies that early Peloponnesian migrants built in the last 50 years.  Each Society, which draws support mainly from its own area of The Peloponnese, is noted for continued promotion of the Greek way of life, food, music and language.  Additionally as charitable organisations they support local charities and individuals in need.  Together the following PFSA member-Societies represent more than 30,000 Greek south Australians:
  • Corinthian Society
  • Kalavrita Society
  • Elion Society  "The Olympic Flame" of SA
  • Messinian Association of SA

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